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bi sexual porn industries effects on the escorts industry

The London escort industry presents what has come to be customised service for many users, spanning back thousands of years in time. The London escorts service mainly offers adult services for people seeking encounters, and even pampering, communication, and other packages which the client is in search of. However, while for the most part these services were mainly associated with men seeking women, today, London escorts agencies offer services for women, men, as well as bisexuals. This is liberating news for large escorts agencies like Charlotte escorts as they can look to expand their business and increase their client lists with a whole new starlet market. One of the main reasons behind this trend is the proliferation of the bisexual porn industry. The rationale behind this hypothesis is as discussed below.

While for a long time escorts in London have been predominantly women, the new trends reveal that bisexualism is a new phenomenon in this industry, especially over the last two decades. The fact that the bisexual porn industry has also recently become widespread and accepted globally is not a coincidence. In fact, the two are related more closely than many would think. According to Wikipedia, content that features bisexuality has been growing steadily over the years since the advent of internet pornography in the early 1990s. However, while this genre of pornography pales in comparison to other genres, the fact that there are over six hundred and fifty five video titles featuring gay porn in existence presents evidence of growth over the last two decades.

bisexual porn has had an effect on the escorts industry

bisexual porn has had an effect on the escorts industry

“A recent article on Womens-Health involves a lady who expresses concern that her boyfriend’s viewing of gay porn has resulted to a growth in his curiosity and bisexuality. After watching internet gay porn consistently for a while, the heterosexual boyfriend now considers himself 90 percent straight and 10 percent bisexual, a factor which is open to change, in whichever direction”. One of the features of the new internet pornography is that in addition to facilitating the viewing of porn on the internet, it has also given bisexual London escorts an avenue to advertise themselves to prospective clients. In an article in Huffington post, a self-confessed bisexual male explains that he uses the porn industry to make some extra cash as well as advertise himself for his agency. This is exacerbated by the fact that most porn stars often try to find their way into the industry in order to sustain their high lifestyles after their career in porn is over, or just for the sake of meeting a higher paying clientele.

In his blog, Dominick explains that there are also various sites that will coerce straight men into becoming bisexual, or coercing this young men into gay sex. Furthermore, one of the ways in which these ex porn stars or young men experimenting enter into this industry is by uploading their videos online, posing as straight guys on these videos and then announcing that they play for both sides when it is all said and done. All of this takes place online, in what has come to be collectively defined as internet porn. The ease of making a video and uploading it to Internet sites to drive your ratings is thus one of the leading drivers of bisexual London escorts in the industry. References

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How to be Safe Escorting in west London

always be safe

prevention is better than cure, always take precessions to ensure your safety

The safety of west London escorts is as important as the safety of any other normal person working in the office or going to school. It should be the first thing that a professional sex trade worker in west London must do before establishing a good profile for the clients.

What are the steps that west London escorts must do in order to keep her safe in her type of profession?

The first step is to be anonymous. While you can benefit from being honest to customers, it can benefit you to not post your real name and real contact number. Men who are nosey or stalker types which are many in west London, have the tendency to trace you over the Internet or through your home address. Instead of putting your home address, get a P.O. Box and make it your primary address. It should be also the address on your State ID or Driver’s license.

Prepaid cell phones can also benefit you in your west London escorting business. Prepaid phones do not have billing records, thus clients contacting you cannot use any kind of method to discover your real identity and home address.

When it comes to payment, a lot of west London escorts always prefer that clients pay in cash. It’s the standard rule in doing business with them. If you are a west London escort, you must be familiar with what real money looks like. There are companions who are nosey and sometimes use fake money to pay escorts and other hookers in west London. It can benefit you if you know legit cash to counterfeit.

What if the he does not pay in cash?

There are some people who prefer to pay using prepaid credit cards and gift cards. Some escorts in west London also offer payment through their PayPal accounts like The secret of maintaining an anonymous account is not to link any of your real accounts – checking or credit cards with your real name and address – so that people cannot trace you. It’s also useful to create a PayPal mobile account so that it becomes easier for the companions to send you a notification that they have already sent the payment, especially when they ran out of cash on hand. In addition, you should always verify the payment before the encounter starts.

What to do before the client encounter starts?

Before the encounter starts, west London escorts should have the “donation” readily available and in complete view of the customer. But it’s not, then make sure that you ask politely for the “donation” or payment. Remind the him that it’s part of the standard rules in your west London escorting business.

Even though the participant may look legit and kind, getting the “donation” beforehand will actually protect you from those who will just rip you off and say he forgot his wallet or any other excuse. Once you have received the cash, make sure that it has the full payment and not counterfeit money. You can always excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and check the money.

As west London escorts, your profession is quite risky especially when you meet up with the “wrong” customer. Always be sure that you follow safety guidelines to stay out of trouble.

Threesome Positions

threesome-9It’s no secret that all of us fantasize about having two women at the same time. It’s also no secret that we all like our own unique and crazy positions. Well, you might be surprised to know that some of those positions you thought you could only pull off with one girl can easily transition into fun for three.

1- Bobbing for apples
Bobbing for apples – Credit: Begin by laying flat on your back and enjoying a great blowjob from woman A. Woman B will come into the picture by straddling and riding your face.

Benefits for them: With woman B’s “cowboy up” pose on your face, she will largely be the benefactor of this position.

2- Deep swallow
Deep swallow – Credit: Lay flat on your back as woman A places herself on top of your face in the reverse position. Woman B can come into the picture at anytime and place herself on top of you for a mind-blowing ride.

Erotic Lucid Dreaming: Exploring Sex & Spirit

This is a topic that never goes out of style. Exploring sexuality safely within the confines of the dream world is one of the prime motivations for learning how to lucid dream. The promise of “exciting dream sex” is a marketing hotspot, so to speak, for beginning lucid dreaming guides, books, and dozens of dubious meditation CDs.

What these guides don’t tell you, of course, is how difficult it is to perfect the art of exploring erotic energy in dreams, and what the pitfalls are along the way.

Let’s start with a little question and answer about the basics and then move on to the possibilities of exploring sex and sensuality in dreams.

Q: Is it true that you can learn how to lucid dream and have sex with your ultimate fantasy?
A:Yes, it’s true. In fact, the experience can feel like the real thing. All sensations in a lucid dream, after all, feel as real as the waking world, provided you have felt the sensations before (or similar sensations) and have working memories to draw from.385

Q: Are dream orgasms real?
A: Yes, it’s been scientifically documented that orgasms in lucid dreams can be real orgasms, accompanied by muscular responses, a quickened heart-rate, and vascular tissue change too. This is true for men and women. However, not every lucid dream orgasm is necessarily a physical one; some seems to just trip the pleasure center in the mind, particularly if the arousal happens quickly or instantaneously. We also don’t know about the electrochemical angle yet, such as endorphin release, oxytocin levels, etc.

Q: What about wet dreams?
A: There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that lucid dreams that end in orgasm for young men can result in real-life ejaculation. I don’t know about any scientific studies that have proven this is a lab… that would be a tough sell for finding volunteers.

Why are my lucid dreams so erotically charged?
A: REM sleep is simply exciting from a biological standpoint. Erections and the female equivalent (engorgement) come and go all the time in normal dreams. Becoming consciously aware in a dream often means becoming aware of our bodies’ physiological arousal as we dream. There is also a connection between flying dreams and this physiological arousal — which may explain why the top two lucid activities are flying and sex!

How to Succeed Having Sex Outside

New Year’s resolutions sure are ambitious. Hit the gym four times a week? Sure! Before work? Yeah, okay – getting up earlier will do me some good. In winter? We’ll just watch more sports and hope for fitness by osmosis or even hire escort service from the best escort agency such as

Okay, so maybe promising to make a new habit – or break an old one – for a whole year stacks the cards against us from the start. That’s why LELO has a challenge for you—a less-ambitious, more-delicious NewMonth’s resolution. This December-long warm-up to your New Year’s resolution is inspired by findings of our new infographic, will get you out of your bedroom and most importantly, out of your routine.

Our aforementioned survey found that women are exploring the great outdoors more than ever by going public with sex. So as we enter the final days of 2012, why not take some tips from our sensual surveyors and pick at least three of our most adrenaline-inducing public destinations to sexplore over the next 31 days? If you’re new to putting the ‘wild’ in wilderness, fear not because LELO is here as your
appointed guide.
So grab your partner, pack up and review the findings. Your December ‘sexcursion’ is underway…

HOW TO DO IT: Body-generated steam won’t fog up the windows for about seven minutes, so before you get to backseat business, shut each of your winter coat sleeves into the top corners of each back seat door, creating two makeshift curtains. Also remember that the sun also sets earlier in winter, meaning there’s more time for you to take advantage of the ambient darkness.

HOW TO DO IT: When it comes to public parks, size matters. The bigger, more vegetated the park, the better, but don’t rely solely on Mother Nature for cover. Bring a variety of blankets for both warmth and privacy. In an isolated or forested area, get in between the blankets in the spoon position. Even if interlopers get curious from afar, it will appear you two are innocently cuddling.

HOW TO DO IT: Visits by loved ones are common during the holiday season. If you have your own office, tell your coworkers that your partner is coming to quickly drop something off. If your office is openly laid out, best to “work late” and have your partner stop by once everyone has left for the day. Either way, note the schedule of the cleaning personnel.

HOW TO DO IT: Everyone’s commute is different, and each provides its own obstacles and risk factors. Whether you walk, bike, drive or train to work, you can always take a little detour for something other than coffee. The next day you commute to work, make note of hidden spaces, alleys and compartments suitable to fit two bodies, and remember: adrenaline is the new caffeine.

HOW TO DO IT: Don’t expect your admission into the mile-high club to be an easy (or comfortable) one. The only sane way to pull this one off is on a long, overseas flight after dinner when the lights go down, and everyone reclines into sleep. One-by-one, sneak to the plane’s rear bathroom and make it quick. As a precaution, bring an air sickness bag along with you, so if there’s any knocking, you can pretend that one of you is sick, and the other is just being a caring partner.